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  • Gameprinter: the Under Halls

    17 44.74%
  • Yu_gnomi: Bert the Troll's Cave

    0 0%
  • Redrobes: Multiple textured paths

    8 21.05%
  • NenKnight: Neon's Dungeon Tiles

    7 18.42%
  • Ascension: quick n easy dungeon tiles

    2 5.26%
  • Lord: The Grist

    12 31.58%
  • RobA: QnD Tiles

    22 57.89%
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Thread: August monthly vote!

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    Congrats RobA! I'm glad you won as you were my second vote and I clicked th 'vote now' button by mistake after only putting in one vote, but it looks like my lack of a vote didn't affect the overall result. Congrats also to GP for a well deserved second place.

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    I agree. Well done guys. Excellent quality, as is the norm from both of you. Well done to everyone who took part.

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    Very nicely done. I was kinda pullign for Lord because of the dark feel of it...I really like the darker dungeons style...but the people have spoken! hehehe

    Good job to all entrants!

    P.S. I'm not saying I didn't like the winner either...RobA knows without me telling him how useful his contributions are to the community Right RobA?
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    Post Congrats!

    Congrats, RobA on creating a script to make us cartographers unnecessary!?
    I know that its helpful, because most gamers lack the skills to map, your script lets them do it on the fly - very useful, if disconcerting to mappers.

    Lord, very excellent first challenge try, I was hoping you'd get more votes, but hey, a third place on the first time out, congratulations. Don't let this stop you from entering future challenges.

    Redrobes, I'm still hoping you'll win one of these challenges, someday.

    Me, I'm glad I did so well. Note my real goal here was to prove how well and how fast one can create dungeon tiles using Xara Xtreme. I could have gone a number of ways to generate dungeon tiles, since I just made a tutorial prior to the start of the challenge, I thought, I better stick with my guns and rely on my tutorial to create these.

    Good challenge - what's up for next month?

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    Heh heh someday ill win !

    Actually I am pleased Rob won as this month I wasn't really going all out for a win but to a) to get some scripts together for myself and b) show that you can use scripting to make maps. So Robs scripting did that job much better than I did it.

    It gives me a lot of encouragement too because I usually make a scripted base and then put tokens on top. So a map win in this way can be done - I just need to get my artsy side improved.

    Now that we have multi select voting I think Lord can see that his maps were well appreciated. GM, if your aim was to show how fast you can make tiles then you got a gold star there.

    Rob, well done. I think your real prize will be seeing how many Gimp scripted dungeons start appearing. I expect that it will be used all over the place but hopefully there will be many posted versions around here to admire.

    Is anyone going to mix-n-match all the tiles and print up an uber tiled map !
    Maybe we ought to have a paper-craft challenge where you cut bits out, fold & and glue the little tabs to make 3D props for miniatures... Visions of papercraft Ravenloft-esque castles...

    Edit -- oh yes, forgot to add... does anyone want those tiles I made without the grid ? If so then let me know and ill run it through again. If I do then grab the current set before I exchange the zips over.
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