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Thread: September Entry: Rhawa

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    Alright, second version done! I redid the marshes for this one: found a satellite picture of a flood and used that as a base for the texture. I think it's improved from the previous version but I'd appreciate feedback. I also darkened the forests so that they should be more distinct from the rest of the terrain.

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    Great map, Ghostman! Very professional looking!

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    Don't take this in a negative way but it reminds me of one of those old Magic: The Gathering playing cards. I thought the art pretty much rocked on those so I think this looks pretty good too.
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    Great stylization going on here. I think your non-mapping stuff could use a little tightening up though. There seems to be a large amount of empty space in your title area especially since your borders on the map itself are so tight. The overall composition seems a bit un-balanced. The map is killer though.
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