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  • Archean League --- Gamerprinter

    68 58.62%
  • Rush Job --- Jkaen

    9 7.76%
  • Artistically Challenged --- Valarian

    11 9.48%
  • Speed Challenge --- ravells

    34 29.31%
  • The Artic Circle --- Redstar

    39 33.62%
  • Skippers' Lament --- Torq

    60 51.72%
  • Trasgarian tears --- Morshwan

    2 1.72%
  • Rackham Gap --- Ascension

    17 14.66%
  • First Time --- bryguy

    2 1.72%
  • The Realms of Tlacopoxtla --- NeonKnight

    28 24.14%
  • Not the fastest one --- Sagenlicht

    11 9.48%
  • Khuutath --- Steel General

    35 30.17%
  • A'Jhön Empire --- delgondahntelius

    43 37.07%
  • Contour Crazy --- Redrobes

    2 1.72%
  • Staughton Coast, Thrimbal Channel --- MountZionRyan

    16 13.79%
  • The Saga of Oath-Bound Men --- Lord

    2 1.72%
  • Multitest --- waldronate

    1 0.86%
  • The Broken Coast --- jfrazierjr

    24 20.69%
  • The Weathered Coast --- gtrlarry

    2 1.72%
  • Rhawa --- Ghostman

    31 26.72%
  • in my style --- joão paulo

    3 2.59%
  • Tir na Mor Rioghna --- nemojbatkastle

    28 24.14%
  • Generic Fun --- dorpond

    18 15.52%
  • Brightshore Peninsula --- Patraikis

    9 7.76%
  • Newstyle hex --- RobA

    36 31.03%
  • Buncklebury --- jezelf

    26 22.41%
  • Nuke it from Orbit --- loydb

    10 8.62%
  • Planetary Survey --- mmmmmpig

    59 50.86%
  • an undersea map --- alucard339

    4 3.45%
  • Just in Time --- industrygothica

    26 22.41%
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Thread: ***September Challenge Voting*** REVOTE

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    I guess it's only natural but my votes lean towards the style that I like to do myself...satellite-esque, so my votes stayed the same but I added Delgo 'cuz I loves me some old school ink.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    I was reluctant to post a response in this thread, as I was feeling guilty that, Mmmmmpig was beating me so soundly in the last vote, and I was ahead of him in this second vote. Now that he's surpassed me again, I feel content.

    The only difference to my vote, was I added JFrazierJr's Broken Coast as my number six map.

    I only hope those who voted in the first bout return and vote again.

    GP, No worries, there are a boatload of entries that could and should win this month... why I can think of 6. Actually I was forced to only choose 6, there are more than 6 that would individually win most months' challenges.

    Anyhoo... this was a fun challenge and made me work with a technique that I haven't even thought about before, but I do kinda wish the old poll was the official one
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    damn... ive been away for a while i would have participated on this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by megrim View Post
    damn... ive been away for a while i would have participated on this one
    Well the October Challenge will be starting soon, jump in on that one (whatever it may be)
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    Though I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to participate this month, I really enjoyed watching the challenge unfold. It was hard, hard, hard to whittle down my choices to six! GP and Torq were "gimme's," but after that it came down to nit-picking. Both of those maps are very complete and have distinct character

    Although Valarian is "Artistically Challenged," his map is a superb example of CC3 output, and it is one of the most finished of the entries, with good labels, compass, scale bar, and neatline. Granted, those things are easy to do in CC3, but they still give the map the extra polish it needed to push it over the top for me.

    Ravells' entry is a very good representation of his typical style, and the speed-paint was impressive to me. I also like the "imaginative" names.

    I just finished reading a well-illustrated book about Maya ruins, and NeonKnight nailed those glyphs. Very authentic-looking! His map is also one of the more inventive offerings.

    My final vote went to jezelf for that great terrain, though perhaps any prize should be shared with Waldronate, since that map could not have been done without Wilbur.

    dorpond, nemojbatkastle, and industrygothica also greatly impressed me, and it was a struggle to eliminate any of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpmiller View Post
    wow! Thanks, and to think i didn't even enter. :d


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    Not everyone is voting with six votes... some people are still voting once ....
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    I voted for my six:
    Redstar cos it looked great and was an inspired idea to go with snow.
    Patrakis cos I liked the clean cartoony style this time.
    RobA's was very brave and novel
    mmmmmmmmmpig's was cool but I still reckon even more welly on the cyan !
    jfraz map was just a good effort
    and jezzers map looked good this time with exquisite mountains going on.

    Rather pleased with my current two votes. Thanks jez but also makeit3D - now how the devil are you and stop lurking this instant !!! Are you done with your D-Day landings now and onto new pastures ?

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    90 Voters!!! Wow where did they all come from!!!! I'm so happy our monthly challenge is getting the attention it deserves!

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    The whole site seems to have hit a creative critical mass of some kind. I really try to look at every posted map thread, but it's overwhelming these days ...

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