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Thread: December Entry: Siege - The Defense of Long Fallen Urak

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    Thanks Ravs...

    I just tonight noticed some typos in the text...oh well note to self: Better proof-reading next time.
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    Hey Steel General; trying my new rating system on you

    Let me start by saying great job applying the challenge theme to the map. As you travel from panel to panel, you really get a sense of overwhelming as the sparse forces fall to swarms. As far as fixing the water, it feels a bit... intense. Drop the saturation, then maybe play with the levels a bit. also try adding an outer glow on the shores (or inner glow on the water) to add some elevation... the water feels flat compared to the forest. Speaking of the forest, the paths look "painted on" rather then "carved out" of the vegetation. It looks like you tried to get some overlap, I think what's missing is shadows to drop the path below the greenery. And, as a personal request, add some translucent arrows showing the movement from the previous panel to create a better panel-to-panel transition.

    TECHNIQUE: ****
    STYLE: *****

    1) Change the water's saturation and add some depth with shadows/glows to make the shores brighter than the bodies.
    2) Add shadows over the paths to drop their elevation below the vegetation.
    3) (Optional) Add some arrows 'cause they look cool.

    Overall a great map and a likely vote from me. Keep up your great work SG.

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