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While I was creating my missle models, practicing with smoke trail graphics, I decided to create the cover art for my comic book - the theme for the backstory (just add some extra fun!)

I'm doing some research on the Wolf Clan and the Jade Falcon Clan to get the story "right". Clan Wolf has received some Intel that the Jade Falcon planet called Samarkand is a secret black ops science laboratory - and its a little too close to Wolf Clan space lanes. So it needs to be eliminated.
Is this pre or post invasion? If pre-invasion, then it would be cool to show a panel or two of the batchall* process.

* For those not in the know about Battletech, the clans were honorable warriors who would announce their plans to invade prior to the actual invasion and both attacker and defender would promise x resources to be part of the battle. This had a practical reason in that resources were scarce, so conservation was king. It also reduced battles from superior firepower to superior tactics while maintaining resourses. It's a form of the old 70's game show name that tune ("I can beat your forces with 500 tons of mechs Bob") If either side cheated and was caught by using more force than was announced during the batchall, a trial by all the clans would be held with the typical verdict that cheater loose status, be censured, or even in extreme cases, be annialated. The general rules did not say that the "bid" forces must be part of the engagement from the begining, so an occasional clan tactic was to hold a large force in reserve for attacking just prior to "surrender" to attempt to catch the attackers off guard.