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  • The March of Brian the Foul - By Sagenlicht

    19 41.30%
  • Time to Flee Skaro - By Redrobes

    7 15.22%
  • Defence of Long Fallen Urak - by Steel General

    21 45.65%
  • Transreality War - by rovingjack

    0 0%
  • Siege at Barnett Chapel - by Map Vandal

    11 23.91%
  • River Police Station - by GamerPrinter

    6 13.04%
  • The Morning Siege - by Ascension

    3 6.52%
  • Tieraport, the Siege of Brenton Heights - by Bohunk

    21 45.65%
  • The Siege of Hilrod Keep - by Bryguy

    2 4.35%
  • The Seige of Santa's Village - by cereth

    0 0%
  • The Siege of Dreeston - by torstan

    1 2.17%
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Thread: December Challenge Voting - VOTE FOR TWO

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    My votes went to Sagenlicht and Ascension with Bohunk's a very, very close third.

    I know Ascensions wasn't quite finished but the idea behind it was great, tying in the holiday's with the map was very imaginative.
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    Had to give my votes to Bohunk and SG simply for the fact that they complied with the challenge guidelines the closest. I liked all of the entries very much, but when it came down to picking the winners I had to go with the guidelines.

    It wasn't as a big a turn out as in previous challenges, but the quality was still quite high, and everyone certainly deserves some credit for getting in entries during this essentially short month. Congrats to everyone!
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    Rough month to participate, so kudos to all who did!

    I went with Sagenlicht's and Bohunks, but SG's was a close third in my opinion. I will give my un-asked for C&C later (prolly tomorrow).

    Great entries all around!
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    I voted for Sagen and Steel's maps. Nice visuals on both.

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    I voted for sagenlicht's and Bryguys. I saw the smaller and the larger forces and the map themselves were amazing to me. Not that most of the entries didn't get a wow from me, but I liked those two best.

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    steel general for a story like presentation that allows one to see events happening. I like it. Not a style I'd be very good at I think and maybe that is the appeal.

    Gamer printer got my other simply because I like the perspective. I love me a good birds eye view map, and his landscape is lovely too.

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    Bohunk and mapvandal both are good.
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    Ah the holiday season and computer failure. I apologise for the non-completion of another mapping challenge giving me a rubbish 1 from 3 completion rate. My New Year's resolution is to improve that ratio significantly! At least I was able to sneak in and get a vote in before the deadline.

    Well done to all those who finished maps this month.
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    Given my incredibly slow rate of work (usually), I doubt I'll ever be able to finish anything in time for a challenge.

    But who knows...

    Anyhow, this was a tough one, but I finally decided based on just which thumbnails I clicked on first - obviously those are the ones that 'jumped out at me' the most.

    Bohunk's for 'realism' - it looks like it could have come from a history book, or newspaper article -
    and Vandal's just on 'prettinesss'.

    Note that on both, arrows were present - something I considered a must for this challenge.

    Sagenllicht was a close third, but I feel the terrain completely over-powered the details. The stone kept pulling my eye away from the rest, which is a shame, because it was quite nice once I enlarged it enough to see what was going on.

    Ascension gets an 'honorary mention' for originality, and Torstan's gave my inner gamer a 'warm fuzzy feeling'.

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    Post gratz

    As both SG and Bohunk ended up with the most votes I assume we got two winners this month?

    Gratz to you both
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