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Thread: February Entry: The battle for post-apocalyptic Ohio

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    In 496aw, A small force attacked and conquered the Capitol building, killing Governor Chalmer, and claiming the entire Known World for Lady Zabrina, by right of conquest. Within days, the world fractured. Many areas were too unpopulated to make a reasonable new government, but many counties retained enough of their population and organization to return to the governments they used before the Golden Age of Chalmer. Five of these governments were powerful enough to form new larger territories, with the resources to rival those controlled by Lady Zabrina. The leaders of each of these territories have declared themselves the new ruler of the world for their own reasons. Afterward the people will look back and call this time The Shadow Era.

    Here is my final version for entry in the contest. I had fun creating it, and I learned a lot from the experiments I conducted on this map, especially with the border-lines and the heraldry (two things I've never really concentrated on before).

    ### Latest WIP ###
    February Entry: The battle for post-apocalyptic Ohio-shadow-era.png
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