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Thread: Waystation

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    Well Tell me if this is better or not I think i like it better but after messing with it constantly i am begining to get frustrated with it


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    I like it much more; the only thing I think might be missing is a stroke around the building. I know it's cartoony but it will help separate the building stone from the ground. Overall, though, much nicer.
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    Much improved!

    I'm with Ascension, some definition around the building would be really good. With the ground textures, try overlaying more on top of them and using a cloud filter as a layer mask to break up the edges whcih are very defined. It'll give them a more natural look.

    Your light source has a horizontal line which doesn't look great either, I'm not sure how you did the light....I'm guessing a gradient fill on a semicircle, again the quickest fix might be a layer mask and some judicious black blobs just to get rid of that horizontal line. Bring it under the layer with the fireplace too...that should help.

    Also, try using a 'uniter' that's what I call it anyway. Think of a dominant theme colour for the map (maybe a reddish brown if you want somethng warm) and flood fill the top layer with that colour and set the blend mode to multiply. It should bring the colours together nicely.

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