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Thread: April Entry: [Region 1][Map 12] [Town 5] - The Orchards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    They look fine to me. The whole thing looks really damn cool, you should do more like this but the fir trees kind of look static/orderly out in the fields (the ones by the road are fine). I snagged this for my Inspiration folder, probably the best compliment I can give.
    I am honored to have made the inspiration folder. Glad you like it.

    I do agree that some work could go into some of the trees but at this late hour I won't have any time to change it before the contest ends.

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    It is a beauty! Something looks a bit wrong with the fir trees in the deciduous forest in the foreground....don't know what it is, but that is a very minor, minor crit for what is a wonderful map.

    Oh man, can I give you two votes too?

    This is going to be such a hard comp to vote on.

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    Dude, you gotta hook us with a tut on how to do this...this is sweet. The lil horse and the houses...awesome stuff.
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