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Thread: May Entry: Escape from The Afflicted

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    Nice... the only thing that seems a bit off to me is the grass texture appears to be a bit repetitive (but that might just be me).
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    Shadows look much better, like the bldgs are diff heights.
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    It's done. The chase starts when the players emerge from a tunnel system (which they had to sneak through because the bridges are closed for an unspecified reason). The afflicted townsfolk are swarming outside the building, and upon seeing the heroes, they try to break in, smashing at the doors and windows. To make sure that the players understand they they cannot actually fight these creatures, the NPC in the party will flip out, and start trying to get everyone to take the ladder up onto the roof to look for some way out. Hopefully, they follow. Once up there, they can see the tavern/inn where they know their smuggling contact was last seen. On the roof of the tavern, they see that contact waving at them, and shouting for them to find a way over to him. The whole rooftop portion of the map will then be revealed, hopefully making the path obvious. If the players don't start moving, the NPC will.

    The afflicted will begin coming out of the hatch in the roof, moving slowly.

    There will be lots of standard jump checks, and a few, mid-run fights. The afflicted will not be particularly difficult to cut down individually, mostly due to an extremely low AC, but every few rounds, they will find a new way up onto the rooftops, by way of various trees and trellises. There is no end to the afflicted, they will continue to harass the heroes until they reach the safety of the tavern.

    If the players think to use some teamwork to get across, it should all present only a token challenge, but if each of the characters is left to go it alone, one of the heavily armored, or low dexterity characters may become badly wounded, or even die in the chase. If one member falls off of a rooftop, they will have to be pulled back up by rope, taking hits from the swarming afflicted while on the ground. One of the smaller rooftops off to the side will have people on it, shouting to the heroes for help. I don't know how they would be able to rescue the people. They wont be able to do it unless they think of something I haven't thought of (which they do all the time anyway).

    There will be a wooden plank, represented by a token that looks like a ship's plank, stretched between the tavern and the building right before it, this can be retracted to the tavern roof once the players are safely across.

    I created an extra map of a portion of the are including the warehouse and the tavern just in case I need it (for example, if they find some way to fend off the afflicted, and get across the road on the ground).

    Here is a link to the full-sized file (10px = 1ft) which I will be using on our virtual tabletop. The scaled down version attached below is just to get it to work with the thumbnail system. Keep in mind that the reduction of the resolution makes the tiles look more repetitive, and the detail less interesting, than the full-size version . Be aware that this file is almost 15MB, so it might be a bit hefty for someone with a slow connection.

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    May Entry: Escape from The Afflicted-southern-flai-all-one-custom-.png

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