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Thread: May/June Lite Entry: County of Clether

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    Nice work, man. I love seeing people learn and experiment and grow. I'm kinda partial to Phatt Island.
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    Oh... wow! You guys know how to make encouraging critics.

    Ravells, the things you don't like are exact the things I thought are improvable.

    The Scroll is a bit too small to keep all the text I want it for... I don't want to make it bigger now but it's definitely a thing I should consider the next time before drawing.

    The frame: Needs a lot of work but I don't think I get the time till voting. I will work on it, though, if I have the time the next days.

    The sea lables: I tried it on a curve but wasn't pleased with the result. After your critics I tried again with a bit more effort... I hope it makes a difference.

    Oh, and for the labels at all: For the towns and cities I used a Random Name Generator and converted the names (my favourite place is Hinlyenalum, it sounds very ancient), the rivers a dedicated to Monty Phyton and Terry Pratchett and the Isles (at least most of the uninhabited ones) are dedicated to Ron Gilberts Monkey Island (for those who don't know here's the link: "The secret of Monkey Island")
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