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Thread: September Entry: Voyage of the Godslayer

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    Awesome, Ascension! I also dearly love the stories told in the belgariad and malloreon...the party-life portrayed in it was excellent...always reminded me of a very good rpg session

    Have some rep.

    Gah, apparently i have to spread the love around some, before i can rep you again. Well i hope you get a lot of rep from other sources
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    Thought I'd just post a small update since I haven't had much time the past few weeks. Don't even know if I'll get to do the finish graffix. Basically, I added some snow to the mountains, redid the travel route, and hit it with an accented edges filter to give it an artsy look.

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails September Entry: Voyage of the Godslayer-godslayer-map-ascension.jpg  
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    That really looks great. I like new path a lot better, it's much easier to see now.

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    this looks great! mind if i use it for a game mod i'm working on?

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