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Thread: August Entry: Magic Compass

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    I'd be interested to see the final result, having the disc at a different plane to the map is always going to look a little odd to my mind. I think it's because of our innate expectation that the disc is 'floating' on something and that therefore it should always be paralllel to the ground plane. Maybe you can add a perspective warp to the map itself so that map and disc are parallel to each other (see picture below) and you still keep the compass rose looking 3d with the disc float effect. It Looks beautiful, I love the sky effect, it's almost a world within a world.
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    World within a world was what I was going for actually. Had I a bit more free time I would actually put a terrain on the disk. I was thinking the disk was a relief of the world/continent as well as a compass. Sort of like a magical GPS unit. Unfortunately I'm a bit swamped. I haven't even had time to read through all the recent posts let alone fix it up a bit more.
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