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  • Iwaizumi - Araknin

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  • Winter in Iwaizumi - Djekspek

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  • Snow Country - Gamerprinter

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  • Iwaizumi - Immolate

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  • Iwaizumi - Najmir

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  • Iwaizumi - Ravells

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  • Iwaizumi - Redrobes

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  • Iwaizumi - Sapiento

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Thread: *** March '10 Challenge Voting CLOSED - See Notice ***

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    First, it's really annoying for me that I couldn't finish this map, but delivered only a 50% finished draft. But I had to complete commissioned maps and work comes first.
    Second, the maps which produced this challenge are just great.
    I go for Gamperprinter and Djekspek.

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    Well I voted for Najmir because he met all of the requirements...mostly labels. Petty but important to follow for the customer. His road needs some work but he has everything labeled. Arkanin came really close but he has bridges instead of a ford over the one river. Imm doesn't have a town square otherwise I would have voted for his. Red's missing some labels and the others have no labels. If this poll stands as is, then that's how I have to vote. If we were to give everyone an extra day or two to put legends or labels in then things might be very very different.
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    Due to many entries not satisfying the legend or label requirement of the art brief this poll has been closed. Entrants will have until 4pm EST on March 30th to update their entries to comply with the requirements of the brief. At that point the threads will be locked again and teh voting will re-open.

    Full details can be found here:***
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