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Thread: Tag-team mapping! A collaboration challenge.

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    I suppose it could work. Personally, I have usually found artistic collaborations to be tricky. Unless all contributors agree to a benevolent dictatorship, and I get to be the dictator.
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    I guess I could play the scribbling child role.

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    If you want this to work I would suggest that each team elects a project manager because basically, someone needs to keep track of where everything is or you are headed for all sorts of fail. Wouldn't you be irked if you created a killer map border and frame only to end up with no map to put in it?

    This could go pretty quickly if you set it up right. Say, one person does the brushes, another builds the map, another works on the border and labels, someone does illustrations. In the end you pretty much function like an art department. This would be pretty good practice for anyone wanting to work in a collaborative environment. Probably need to have an initial team meeting to determine the style and kind of map to be done and figure out who's doing what. If it was me I think I'd ask for a rough concept sketch from each person and then discuss those as a team, incorporating the various ideas we approved into our final plan. Then get the assignments setup and it's off to the races.

    Of course, you could just go freestyle and see what happens but I think chaos would ensue.

    It is also somewhat possible that we might find we don't like each other very much once we work together on something
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    I hate to say it, but I'd probably bow out of a team competition. As artistically challenged as I am, I'm afraid I would frustrate and/or bring down the rest of the team. I don't mind trying anyway when it's just me I'm affecting

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