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Thread: Cloud maps

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldronate View Post
    And it's in California where smoking in public places is banned...
    Except for medicinal purposes ... ... or so I hear. (For the record, that was a joke.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostatsea View Post
    Personally we have Tons of clouds here all year round . Want some ? Seriously though I have caught myself looking at clouds both in positive and negative space and found many interesting MAP shapes.
    Me too. I live in michigan and would be happy to supply extra pics of clouds lol.

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    mine kinda sucked anyway.. i'm guessing it's more a purist thing where one sticks to blue and white, not taking an arbitrary threshold

    no one ragged on me for having the lighting in the opposite direction for the sea and land

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxilon View Post
    Note: If you don't have a way to take a pic of the sky maybe someone could take a bunch of shots and make them available for anyone in need.
    Done. Here:

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    There has been a lot of unusual cloud formations over the last week as a result of converging fronts that haven't quite turned to storms. Some of the resulting clouds types I have "Never" seen before and I've been around awhile ! I would be happy to post some of the 150+ cloud picts if the Cloud or the other similar suggestion (Real world noise patterns). Happens to be picked. Here is one formation I've never seen before taken off my porch Sunday morning.

    Attachment 46013

    Attachment 46016
    Cheers to all

    These are untouched straight from the camera !!?? New one on me !
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    Here in Oregon, the problem isn't lack of clouds, it's that a solid overcast might as well be blue sky for all the maps you can make of it. But it's almost July and we're hoping summer will show up any month now. Cross your fingers...

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    We've been having severe dust storms here....I guess I could get a shot of a wall of dirt coming at ya, LOL. Here, map this before you go blind.
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