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Thread: Realistic Elevation Photoshop Brushes

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    Default Realistic Elevation Photoshop Brushes

    When tackling the problem of creating a realistic elevation map, i tried first to make a set of brushes that i could use to paint in elevation with. These were carefully created from real elevation data. While they certainly work better than painting with round fuzzy brushes, it wasn't entirely what i wanted, and i mostly turned to copy/pasting real elevation into my map. However, i've still found the brushes useful to add in some detail, and some of you may find them useful too. So i present them here.

    * To keep the pattern from being too obvious, these brushes are highly randomized in position, opacity, rotation, scale, etc, and some combine 2 graphic elements. Each click will produce a different result.

    * Some of these brushed look best with single clicks, and others if you paint a stroke.

    * Some of these brushes are extremely large approaching 500 px wide, so the detail is about as high res as i could get it.

    * The Brushes are named: "Geo UP..." or "Geo DOWN", as you might expect, these are designed to raise or decrese elevation respectively.

    * To keep the image from being absurdly large, i only did about 2/3rds of the brushes in the example image below.


    Realistic Elevation Photoshop Brushes-geobrushes.jpg
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    Nice! I tried doing this a while back and like you found they aren't a silver bullet, but are handy for touching up edited terrain.

    -Rob A>

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    Neat stuff, thx for posting.
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    Looks amazing, Ill have to try it out tonight...I have a big map I want to make.

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    Awesomeness in pure form. Here's my reputation for you, very useful.

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