another small update

change log:
- added a probability function that sets the relative probability of the tree types. At start all tree types have the same probability, indicated by the Number 1 (just beneath the tree thumb). If you ctrl-click on a thumb, you can change the probability: either it is going up until the number 3 is reached or its going back to the default of 1. Suppose, you did choose two trees both with a probability of 1. In that case the chance to get the one or the other type is equal (1:1). If you set the probability of the first one to 2, the chances are 3:1 for this one. And the number 3 means a chance of 6:1. I didn't simply add up the numbers to calculate the chances in order to get a more dramatic change. Changing that num for non-active trees is possible, but then the forest doesn't get recalculated of course. Only the num is updated.

Example: probability 1 for all tree types

Another (very simple) forest maker-forest_rand1.png

probability 1 and 3 respectively

Another (very simple) forest maker-forest_rand2.png

- ui changes: the num stepper for the threshold and the density are gone. Instead you get sliders that do show min and max values. Also they react more correctly to changes even if the generated forest is very large.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8a6eij65khmr01r

The swf needs Flash Player 10
Again: please be patient when saving a large image. Flash is somewhat slow computing bitmaps on the fly (and I still didn't optimize the code, sorry)

Happy foresting