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Thread: Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects

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    Post Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects

    Here are a few sci-fi objects I have made for my Star Wars maps. I needed some equipment for the engineering section of a starship, so here are my reactors, generators, and conduits to connect them. They are pretty basic, but I usually "dirty" them up (with rust or chemical stains) when I place them on a map. [If you would like an example of how I have used these objects on my maps, see my Starship Sections thread. The Engineering section and Engineering overlays use these objects.]

    Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects-generator.png Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects-conduit.png Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects-reactor.png

    Also, we use some of my maps for online play. I have catwalks on several maps and needed a way to distinguish between who is up on the catwalk and who is down on the floor - hence a Level 1 marker to indicate that the folks on the catwalks are on Level 1 (instead of the Ground level). [I play Advanced Squad Leader and borrowed the Level idea from that game.]
    Kihmbar's Science Fiction Objects-level-1-marker.png
    I don't know how useful that will be to those of you building maps, but it comes in handy when playing online with the maps.

    I usually grab objects from The Holocron, RPG MapShare, WotC Forums, or Dundjinni Forums. If it isn't there, or I don't like what is there, I will try to draw something up for myself. (I do not see any use in re-inventing the wheel.)

    As always comments, criticisms, suggestions, or bad jokes are welcome. Ok, maybe not the bad jokes.

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    Thanks Kihmbar,

    Most neighborly of you

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    --- Sigurd

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    Thanks Kihmbar, When I've found time to make a few, I'll add a folder of my own to join in the neighbourliness - we need as many scifi elements as we can get!
    Mapping a Traveller ATU.

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    Look for Chit Chat, Sandmann's blog. Enjoy.

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