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Thread: Hello from Germany!

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Hello NeonKnight!


    Hum. Now I've figured out why the edges of my grayscale heightmap are so sharp (thanks, Redrobes) - but I couldn't find a solution to prohibit this with Wilbur. Also I'm still at no progress except drawing contour lines within a certain range...

    Again, thanks in advance!

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    If you see Waldronate post or is online then try to catch him cos he is the Wilbur guru. I am not a photoshop guy either but recently someone said that you can set an image to be greyscale in photoshop and set its number of bits per element and so you can set that to 16. Then get the height map really mega blurred and ensure that your using the full range of brightness values so that the minimum height is near to black and the highest point on the map is white. You can use the brightness and contrast to do that. The best type of blur is a Gaussian Blur type. Once you have it really blurred then Wilbur should be able to load 16 bits per component images. The best type of file to save the image from photoshop to get it into Wilbur is probably PNG as there is a PNG16 option.

    If you still have some problems then post a few images of what you have and ill comment some more. You can also use ImageMagick to do this job which is a free image processing script language thing but I think it would be no better than photoshop.

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