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Thread: Szia!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBeni View Post
    You should see wikipedia.
    Cool - I like learning new stuff every day.

    Traceurs would make for an interesting character concept in a roleplaying game. (In real life, I'm way too old to be trying that kind of stuff! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua_101 View Post
    Welcome BigBeni!

    And... what is the practice of parkour?
    Parkour is all the rage! Especially in movies these days. The latest Bond started with a chase scene of a practitioner... Never mind. I see the wikipedia link has been posted.

    I've been interested in Parkour for a few years now, but like jaerdaph said, I'm to old and fragile, and fat, to be trying stuff like that. LOL
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    I have just the right build for Parkour....25 years ago! I used to climb everything in sight then...if only I'd known about it then.


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