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Thread: "And he looked around, and saw that he was new..."

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    pyrandon - thanks. Appreciate that. I've wandered through a lot of forums in my time, participated in a decent discussion or two, but, frankly, I have never found a community like this one.

    I realize that it is fed and mainly kept alive by a group of 5-7 people, and then there are lots of people who seem to stop in every once in awhile. I'd like to be (time permitting) one of the people that keep it going and regularly comment. Mapmaking is and has always been something that I appreciate and enjoy.

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    And for that post I'll give you rep. We appreciate members such as yourself that really want to contribute and become a big part of the community. Thankfully we really have a growing number of those.
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    I too added to your rep. Always Nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cartographist View Post
    ... I'd like to be (time permitting) one of the people that keep it going and regularly comment.
    WE'D LIKE THAT TOO!!!!!!
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    I'm not going to re-hash whats been said about CC since it has pretty much already been covered.

    Anyway, your concerns with the ink usage of CC is about the same as printing pictures the same size. I have several CC2 space maps that are meant for sceen, but I wouldnt dare print them due to the ink they would consume. I have these same maps in a "printer friendly" version too, which I've printed and work just as well.

    Anyway, weclome to CG

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