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Thread: Hi everyone... mapping for a fantasy novel

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    Default Hi everyone... mapping for a fantasy novel

    Hi guys,

    I stumbled upon this website while trying to find out how to create brushes in PS. I have the beginnings of an atlas which I'm trying to do in a c.1700s style.

    The basis of the story has been planned, and is in a specific region on my atlas (for which I intend create a region map and some island maps). It is important that I get the regions on the "old world" right, as these will help me to plan the migration of the various countries and races to the "new world".

    I don't have any place names or anything yet, as I'm currently working on a translator in Excel to transalte from any input language into my fantasy language (my first language is complete), that way I can make the place names more meaningful and consistent.

    I'm looking forward to finding some great tips, and sharing my own experiences.

    This is where my map is now:

    This is what I want to come out with:

    So if there is anyone that has a particular interest in this age of maps, I'd love to hear from you.


    Tyo Solo
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    Welcome to the Guild. Looks like a fine start.
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    welcome to the guild... if there is anywhere you can get help on the web - its here ... just post your map in a WIP thread (work in progress) and ask for help and critique
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