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Thread: First Post and WIP Maps

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    But doesn't North America look like an angry attacking chicken?

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    First, I love your Handle, Dogzilla!

    Second the map is great, and while it would appear the you are using North America as an inspiration, I don't think it's an angry chicken. Unless it had some uncomfortable swelling.

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    Welcome to our humble little fast growing guild Dogzy.

    And to either you or any other newbie that read our comment, you should not take strange comment too archly. Cause as you will see, for the number of post (and maps) we got on this site, sometime fun stuff (imaginary or not) come out.

    Like in your case the chicken.
    We also got some other animal like land and lake from not so long ago.

    For my part I think you also got some kind of ghost-possess like land.

    An explanation for the chicken will be that he try to train for a circus by praticing ring jumping (in fire).

    Sea U a-round,
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    So it could be use here :

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    Initially I too thought it looked like NA, but after studying it closer, realized it more closely resembles an angry attacking chicken.
    -Rob A>
    But it shall quake in the presence of the original angry attacking chicken!
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    Okay from now on the Angry Attacking Chicken is my unofficial mascot for Cartographers Guild. lol

    I have to say your map is beautiful, very fantasy with its islands and what not, but still beautiful.
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