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    Default Greetings

    Hello. I found your site through a Google search and found the basic tutorials you have available to be so appealing that I decided to sign up to your whole forum. I've got some terrible sketches of a material plane I made years ago that I would one day like to turn into something nicer looking, plus a brain child I recently developed I call Metrodeum. Essentially I will need to draft an atlas to accurately depict this city, and I am fine with that. I hope to use GIMP since it's free, and seems to have a lot that I can accomplish with it once I learn how.

    I currently work at an oil-service company as an operations monitor. Monitoring the drilling progress of oil wells is dreadfully boring, and I don't recommend ever doing it unless you like money.

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    working on drilling is 'dreadfully boring' ....was the pun intended?

    Welcome to the Guild, DG, Gimp is a great (free) tool, but also check out Inkscape which is also free but a vector based application. Many people prefer to use Inkscape for labelling maps (much faster) after they have drawn them in gimp. If you're after mapping a city, vector can often be more compatible (depending on your workflow and what you want to achieve).

    Enjoy your stay here!

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    Welcome Aboard!
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