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That's really slick! I like the notion of laying new themes onto a classic game like Risk. Everyone already knows the rules, but new thematic elements and changing up the geography makes for a new and fresh-feeling game.

Your artwork is gorgeous, as well, though that resolution limit's gotta be frustrating at times, given the wide range of tools and capabilities you have.
Thanks for the comments everyone.

Yes the size limits are a pain but it has helped me explor and generate new abilities to try and get a good looking image with limited pixels.

You guys might want to try to have a contest like that. Best looking map under 800x800 pixels.
I say you need to have a map making contest for a Risk styled map say on the counrty of Canada or the Great lakes region. I might be interested in joining those.


P.S. Just to let everyone know. My basement flooded yesterday and my computer is dead. I hope that my hardrives are OK. They were not under water but the computer was plugged in.

Just wanted to let anyone who might have joined conquer club and PMed me. I can't log into that site at work. I am not ignoring your posts or anything. I will just get to them when the new comuter arrives.