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Thread: New map fan arrives

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    I have to agree the bevel is a bit too harsh, but I like the overall direction and definitely has the feel of the Exalted map.

    Is that in the South West of Creation near the Violet Coast?

    For those that might be interested in what the world of Exalted looks like here is a great place to see what we are talking about:

    Here's a neat interactive map of the world:
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    The moutains look to me like some of the photographs of Mons Olympus on Mars where the very highest elevations are in sharp focus and the lower elevations are blurred out.

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    Yeah that terraced effect is sort of unintentional but that is what you get for laziness and not really knowing photoshop nor the templates that well

    And yes it is very much a fantasy map. It is actually an island in the west, some ways south of the Neck.
    This might explain a bit better where it lies.
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    Ah ok, check out the tutorial sections, there's a few in there which assist in making mountains using photoshop and gimp.

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