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    Post Greetings!

    Well met! So what do I want to tell you about me, or what do you want to know about me? Hm....

    Let's see. I'm a greybeard without the beard. I've been playing longer than I've been alive. Usually as GM. Uphill both ways. Barefoot. In the snow, even when it was a hundred degrees.

    OK, enough of that rot. I do have a significant amount of gaming and GMing experience (since the first Chainmail), but it's all been face-to-face. I haven't really gotten involved in computer-based RPGs.

    I am very heavily into mapping and supporting other GMs, but am usually swamped with projects. If I can help out, I will, but it'll usually have to be something that could help quite a few GMs at a time.

    I'll play or GM just about anything. I prefer my campaign using homebrew rules, but have been running adventures under 3.5 most recently.

    I am watching 4E closely to see how viable that rulesystem is.

    Gaming Experience: D&D (all versions), Traveller, Earthdawn, Champions, HARP, WFRPG, Paranioa, On The Edge, and too many others, to include boardgames and card flopping, to list.

    I have not run or played in Hackmaster or that Munchkin Mashing game that is out.

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    Greetings and Welcome to the guild
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    Post This guy's a pro!

    GM's Apprentice is or was Gamemaster Syndicate and the creator of the CSUAC - this guy has tons of pro maps in his stable.

    You should post some of your maps, GMA (easier to type ) to show those who aren't aware of what you do...

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    Welcome to the Guild. Wow--Chainmail, eh? I just missed that myself, but am close to your mark (no gray beard either--it's more ruddy and scruffy, so I shave it. If I try to grow a beard I look like the wolfman with mange).

    I'm glad you're here, and I look forward to seeing your maps and learning from your advice.
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    One Word.


    Love it! maybe that's not actually a word. But it's still awesome!

    Welcome GMA!

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    Yeah I just missed chainmail myself. STill have memories of seeing a Boxed set in the COLES bookstore where I grew up when I was around the age of 13. Should have picked it up.
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    Welcome, Chris! Glad to have CSUAC in the house.

    And you know from Binghamton!
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