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    Post Greetings

    Hi, my name is Chris

    I have always doodled maps even when I was young and not to sound naive but I never thought about it much past that, even after I became an avid Photoshop user. I use Photoshop 7 and and mostly do "inking" (coloring) and standard picture editing.

    I am in the US Air Force so if I post a lot for a few weeks and then disappear for several months it is because I travel for work (sometimes on short notice).

    I am looking forward to learning from this community and hopefully even contributing to it.


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    Welcome to the Guild Chris. Looking forward to seeing some of your samples.
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    Welcome aboard Chris, I understand the "short notice travel" thing myself, did it quite regularly for 20 years in the AF....Hope you go better places than I went.

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    Welcome to the Guild, Chris! Looking forward to seeing your maps! Do have a go at this month's challenge and also take a look at the Cooperative Worldbuilding section of the community - both great places to start if you'd like to draw a map but have no particular project in mind.

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    Former air force myself here Ooh-Rah!
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    Welcome, sir! I look forward to perusing your mapping goodness.
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    Sorry I'm late. Welcome to the forums!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome... I have already learned so much from all of you here @ the C-Guild. It is nice to “see” some friendly military types around here too.

    To tell you a little more about myself I am 27 and have been in the Air force for 9 years… I have a wife and two girls 7 and 2 (soon to be 8 and 3!!!)…

    I am a Systems Administration Technician as a day job… and an “un-published” novelist/screenplay writer and avid Photoshop-er by candle light…

    I have worked with Photoshop or other similar graphics program for the better part of my life as a hobby and mostly do more of the photo “retouching” and “repair” type stuff. I have in the past year or so started branching out into other types of graphic art like “inking” (coloring), mostly pictures that someone else has hand drawn. I posted some of my early inking work here.

    My main goal here in this community it to draw some maps that look good but also have a useful purpose… In the past most of my hand drawn maps really had no reason for being.

    Anyway, I look forward to posting around the forum and again thank you for the nice welcome.


    P.S. By way of a “taste” of what I have already learned here is a quick test I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpgmapmaker View Post
    In the past most of my hand drawn maps really had no reason for being.
    Please don't worry about that! most of the maps I do are "pointless"....or as I prefer to say, "art"

    -Rob A>

    P.S. Nice rivers

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    Welcome, Chris, and THANK YOU for your service to our country.
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