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    Default Greetings!


    I'm Tim and I form one half of Steeluloid Bespoke Cartography (the other half, David, joined some days ago - I'm here on his recommendation).

    I should say that in terms of actual cartography I'm very much a beginner. My role within SBC tends more toward the technical side. For example, I'm currenly working on an Android app to allow satellite navigation over custom-drawn maps. I'm not a stranger to artwork though, and I hope to learn a lot from this site.

    So, 'Hello Everyone'

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    Welcome to the Guild

    Even if I am correct, I would still advise you to follow your heart. This whole Cartographers Guild thing, it seems to me, is more about passion and skill and learning new techniques than it is about definitions and rules.
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    Welcome to the Guild Tim! Well this is the best place to begin. There are tons of great tutorials here to help you get started. Feel free to post up a WIP of your tester maps and ask for critique; it's a great way to glean new techniques.


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