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Thread: Im a noob cartographer:D

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    Post Im a noob cartographer:D

    Im a noob cartographer and I hope to post some of my noob maps , here is a sneek peak!
    Im a noob cartographer:D-almarial-physical.png
    The map is called Almaria and is a re-do of an early sketch of mine
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    Looks like a good start. Maybe a CL could move this to the regional world mapping forum so that you could get some feedback

    Even if I am correct, I would still advise you to follow your heart. This whole Cartographers Guild thing, it seems to me, is more about passion and skill and learning new techniques than it is about definitions and rules.
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    I assume it's a global-scale map, and the scale confirms that, so you're doing something right in the continent shapes.

    I do notice the coastlines seem squashed to fit the page at the top. That reminds me of how the Earth looks in a cylindrical equal-area projection, which raises the question - What projection is this supposed to be? It looks like the landmasses wrap around west-to-east, but the aspect ratio of the whole map is odd if it's supposed to represent a whole spherical surface.

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    Welcome to the Guild Zampinator! I hope to see how your mapping project develops.

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