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Thread: Fantasy Mapper Here!

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    Thanks everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrof View Post
    ...and PSP to cleanup or add effects (I normally use tubes, flares and other plugins).
    I use PSP quite extensively - an older version as the newer versions kept getting worse IMO. A good chunk of my May challenge entry is done on PSP. I flick between many tools, most of them custom too but I could have done that particular map entirely in PSP. People have commented on the stained glass window lighting but that was all PSP in the end. Its funny tho, cos I never use the tubes or flares features. I don't think my version even has flares...

    I think the thing I use the most are the effects for blur (gaussian) and image arithmetic for doing a lot of masking.

    Its got its faults but I know where they are now so I guess I am just used to it.

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    Whew! Man, been busy while I was away.

    There is still a proposed 'demo' version of CC3 in the works, but as of yet there is nothing, shame really.
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