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Thread: I'm crazy about maps and hate introductions.

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    Default I'm crazy about maps and hate introductions.

    I can't write introductions to save my life. I'm Alex, and I have 5 maps in my room and another which I couldn't find anywhere to put up. It's quite impressive that I've managed to get the 5 that I have got on the walls considering the tenancy agreement bans me from using tape, blu-tack, glue or any other form of adhesive.

    I've attempted drawing maps twice in the recent past, but failed miserably both times - probably because they were hand-drawn and I'm not a particularly good drawer. I'd love to actually be able to create a good map though, which is why I'm pleased to have found this place, and all the awesome maps here. Thank god for ASOIAF, eh?

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    Welcome to the Guild.

    Even if I am correct, I would still advise you to follow your heart. This whole Cartographers Guild thing, it seems to me, is more about passion and skill and learning new techniques than it is about definitions and rules.
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    Welcome Alex, take a stroll through the tutorials section and you'll find some walkthrough's that will help you on your way.


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