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Thread: From the game industry interested in bringing life to our favorite worlds

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    Here is a pic of the laser cut map up close. Most of this map is underwater depth.

    From the game industry interested in bringing life to our favorite worlds-photo-734263.jpg

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    In MEDem we only have fairly basic bathymetry and all of the shuttle radar data does not have any at all. You can get hold of great free to use US bathymetry maps but only as contours from the coast guard maps. I have the link to that somewhere too which ill try to edit in here if I can. You can also get Mars in 3D as well so there's another option.

    EDIT: That Link

    and Mars

    And the moon...
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    Hey Rave, very cool stuff you've posted there and what an exciting industry to work in! I always loved those kind of realisations of maps..I remember our geography teacher had a kind of latex physical relief map on the classroom wall, and it was always fascinating to look at. Yes, we can output directly from Global Mapper I think...STL? or something. Maybe that's easier all round. I'd have to reimport the release build (imminent) back into Global Mapper. Not straightforward but with a bit of effort it can be done- it's on the to-do list anyway...
    Yes, The Me-dem heightmap has moved on quite a bit since that pic Robes posted. 8 levels might be a bit limited for the whole map but best thing would be to try a mock up in a 3D app I guess. Yeh, it might look pretty cool. If it doesn't we could always give you a smaller area. If we don't have a straightforward way to do it I think Robes could knock up something which could give you a pre-viz of it.


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