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Thread: New To Cartography and Fantasy!!

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    Default New To Cartography and Fantasy!!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm just getting into this Fantasy genre, heavily influenced by Game of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings. Mostly Game of Thrones. I think its interesting seeing the different worlds people can create out of thin air. After spending countless hours looking at user-created maps, I thought I should give it a go. So I found this site, hopefully this can help me learn to create and build my own fantasy world. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Peace Out!

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    Hi Devii, Welcome to the forum. I've been working on a world for over ten years. Game of Thrones is a great series and I bet you got some good ideas from it too. There's a lot of eager people here who want to help you create you world. I've been following the forum mostly, but I'm starting to get active here. I hope to see you work on here.

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    Welcome to mapping and to the wonderful world of FANTASY !!
    I am the breath of Dragons...The Song of Mountains...The Stories of Rivers....The Heart of Cities.... I am A Cartographer....

    Finished Maps
    Kingdom Of Shendenflar Campaign Setting (WIP)

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