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Thread: Cheers

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    Ah, I apologize for coming off haughty or anything of the sort. I simply am new to the realm of drawing streams, and I got a chuckle. I would never expect it of anyone to know or understand stream dynamics. I would only provide input where it was asked for, as I am extremely new to this and consider myself a beginner at best with the cartography business. I am doing this as a hobby as well, and the only 'expertise' i bring to the table is the science of streams. Again, apologies for coming off as outspoken or arrogant. I certainly would never actually belittle someone who had placed their streams incorrectly. This is an art, and we are all free to do as we choose!

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    well said and I believe no offense taken. I didn't think that you were being either arrogant or outspoken, I was making sure that you understood the purpose of the site and how we do things around here. I hope YOU were not offended.
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