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Thread: Site is Excellent

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    After experimenting a little with bevel tool, I think you are right. It is both easier to use and more configurable than I originally gave it credit.

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    Ah, missed the intro thread. I'm glad you made it over here from ENWorld. Xara looks good - I'll have to delve into it one of these days. I'd also continue to recommend Gimp, but I know you already have it on your to do list!
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    The way most people seem to represent vertical walls in a top down view is to apply some fading black shadow to the sides of the wall. This is so-so realistic as some walls might actually increase the lighting but it does a good job to fool the brain into thinking that theres some depth going on. Similarly with objects that sit above the floor but differ only a little in texture. Most of the pngs that you pick up might have a shadow effect already included.

    My personal opinion is that its easier to draw the floor and walls with some paint package or texture application and use the pngs for almost everything else. You need so many bits of wall to make one look good its hardly worth it. Maybe thats why there are so few objects around to pick up. Also I think Dunjinni has some drawing tools and fill to represent walls so people use that instead of making png tokens for them.

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