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Thread: Maps is Metal!

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    The easiest part sort of depends. Certain spots in the wood carve better than others. If you're near a knot, good luck. The smaller chisels definitely work better, cause you can apply more pressure more easily to one spot, so I've done this whole table with my 1/4" chisel. The chiseling though has been pretty smooth. I have slipped once or twice though, and let's just say there are 2 or 3 minor islands that are no more.
    The hardest part is probably the fact that I'm carving it on top of a coffee table, and it's like 18" off the ground. Being 6'3", it's kinda weird. If I had an actual shop of sorts and could stand while working, that might make it easier to work for long periods of time.
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    Work height could be jury-rigged easily enough... padded milk crates under the edge of the table or somesuch, or perhaps lean it against a wall and chisel the top half? But the knots. Hmm... Do you think it would be worth drilling shallow pits in them with a small drill bit to soften them some before chiseling? I guess I'll try it on some firewood and find out. Anyhow... Thanks for indulging my curiosity! I've used rasps and planes a bit but not chisels so that gives me a better idea of how to go about it. And what tools to use; I have an old set of large chisels but now I think I'll find some smaller points to start with.

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    This is awesome. I need to try it, I've done some carving and wood working before but I've never made a map. This summer I think I will try it out! thanks for the epic idea.

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