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    Default Hello everyone


    Just wanted to take a few words to introduce myself.

    I've known this place for a few years now, but I only lurked because I'm very shy, even to talk on the Internet. I finally signed in mostly to rep creators of a few maps who blew my mind, I thought it was the least I could do for them for sharing their work.

    That's probably going to be most of my registered activity because as I said, I'm very shy and also, I have not experience or map of mine to share, because I have nothing finished and worth of showing, really, I'm terrible, I hate it when I get interested in things I'm terrible at. But well, I have fun trying to improve I guess, which is one of the points of this awesome hobby (for those of us to whom mapping it's a hobby of course).

    So thank you to all the people who make this place possible, managers, users, etc, it's a great place to see wonderful works from other people, get inspired and get info and help when you need it.

    Have a nice day!
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    Welcome onboard!

    I'm pretty sure that you're too harsh with yourself concerning your mapping skills. Anyway, that only means that you could only improve it. I've learned so much here that I'm really glad I signed in (and I wasn't accustomed to forum at all). Everybody is very kind and helpful here, and you'll find a lot of tutorials to help you.

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