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    Greeting community!

    An introduction in brief. My name is Josh. I live in the northwest, in Washington State. I Am a map-O-holic. I am enthralled with the fashioning of worlds and cultures and all the accompanying constructs represented in mapping what one sees in the minds eye. I love map making and all kinds of various artwork. I am always looking to improve my skills, and am impressed with many of the artists involved with the guild. I am hoping to rub elbows, network, and in general enjoy and participate in this wonderful cartography community... maybe some of your all's skills will rub off on me.

    The dream: one day it would be nice to make a living (or support a hobby) in a creative way through art and writing and such, as many of us likely dream, and also many of you do. I am interested in collaborations and any other projects, as well as just enjoying the fun of a shared enjoyments of art, maps, and worlds of fantasy.

    Below are two recent maps, in draft form, which I have been working on. Both are posted here at very low resolution. Map 1 is almost complete, but I am revising the map key and the Name Plate. The second map is in very early stages of development, but heralds from the same imaginary world as the first.

    Introductions-draft-map-001.png Introductions-draft-map-002.png

    Love to hear everyone's comments.
    Greetings again and thank you,
    Josh H
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