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Thread: Greetings, cartographers!

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    Default Greetings, cartographers!

    Hello, people. I go by sandman, and I am working in a worldbuilding project for a quite few years now. I am also working on a massive online wargame project based on this universe of mine. Recently, I got myself inside the geography part of my world, and although I already have something in mind, I want to work more to narrow it down. So here am I.

    I am also a teacher that teaches(of course) portuguese, my mother language, and english to little kids. I am a lover of languages myself and I will look forward on graduating me on linguistics after learning old languages and the most used ones.

    This is a piece of what I am currently working on:

    It is being made in GIMP, has over 7500 x 7500px and 100 x 100 hex tiles making a total of 10000 hex tiles, each is scaled something near 10Km˛ each.
    This is being made for the wargame prototype I am currently working on to test its core rules. Although it it big it is only a tiny part of the world I am working on.
    There is a lot left to work on and I will probably start again from scratch to make it better.

    So, I came to the guild to learn as more as I can and make friends as well as to show the projects I am working on.

    EDIT: Could someone please get rid of the attachment?
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    I'm a sucker for hex maps. Looking forward to seeing more form you! Also, you can get rid of the attachment by editing your post, clicking "Go Advanced" right next to "Save", scrolling down, and clicking the "Manage Attachments" button under "Additional Options".

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