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RobA, thanks for the links...
jfrazierjr, the textures in your example look great! And no, I haven't got RobAs scripts yet (alas I saw the links in his sig), as I don't even know what a script is! Sorry, but I'm stumbling over a lot of unfamilar terms since I registered here... I'll look them all up! I just bookmarked the english GIMP manual, because I used the german one untill now... I'll download the english 2.6 (still using 2.4) so I won't be confused when I'm working through the tutorials. Thanks for your patience with a noob like me, but the cluelessness won't last forever!
Thanks... It takes a while to render various textures in Genetica, but I think the results are well worth the 2 minutes per texture or so.

Scripts are GIMPS version of a plug-in, and extra add on feature that the community creates and shares to allow others to get extended functionality. Most of these scripts are a way of automating something you can do manually, which saves time and ensures consistency of process (you don't forget something.) Note sure if your in Windows or what, but you should find in your user folder on your OS a .gimpX folder, where X is the version number you have. Inside there are where you would normally place your specific stuff... Brushes, patterns, scripts ,etc you have downloaded. Just put the downloaded content into the correct subfolder to make it viewable to GIMP.