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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandwarf View Post
    For crying out loud Neonknight, his 7 year old son made those maps
    Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaa, Must need new eyes, cause I totally, TOTALLY Missed that part.

    Teije, I am so, so, soooooo sorry. Your Son has lots of talent, and is proff positive that CC3 is NOT a difficult program to learn.
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    Hey SG, no problem at all! My evil plan is to say all the WIP stuff I post is actually his work, and then I'll post the finished maps as my own!

    It's actually kind of scary how much he reminds me of myself at that age - he's always drawing elaborate traps, mazes, battles and maps. Brings a tear to my eye...

    - teije
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    good mapping...
    Welcome Aboard!

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