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Thread: Accidentally found this site!

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    Quick answer....ALL OF THEM

    Longer answer.....For a complete noob I would suggest looking through the Software forum and the Finished map forumns. The software forumn will give you an idea of what software there is out there for you to use (and do not feel intimidated by the numbers either) and the Finished map forumn is a great way to find a style that you like. Most of the finished maps there have a link to the WIP thread ( WIP = Work In Progress) where the creator worked through the steps making the map. This is where you get all kinds of advice on creating great maps and where you can usually find out what sort of prog they used to make the map.

    Once you have decided on the prog you are going to use, and start to work on your first map, it is time to start your own WIP thread. You will be very pleasantly surprised how quickly you will be turning out awesome maps. WiIP threads are also a place where you can post your opinions and c&c the maps that people are working on. We pride ourselves on being civil in our comments and critiques so do not be afraid of putting up work, regardless of whether you like it or not. We will do our best to get you better

    Have fun and enjoy

    EDIT: forgot to mention our FAMOUS Tutorial Forum. This is where you can browse through hundreds of threads that can teach how to use the programs that most people use here. We have tuts for doing almost ANYTHING map related with the many progs out there. Once you chose a program, THIS is where you NEED to go. Trust me.
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    Although I wave the flag for ViewingDale (being the dev) its somewhat like Dundjinni so consider that and Dungeonforge if heading down that route.

    If you do decide to go CC3 tho I just wanted to say that there is an ad link somewhere on the home page of the guild where if you buy it through the guild the guild gets a little referral fee to help with the site costs.

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