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Thread: Hello! -- um, actually, no ...

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    I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for your future plans and I hope you'll still find the time to drop by every once in a while.
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    Actually, I would agree with your setting aside other hobbies for a time to focus solely on your writing. With time, as you feel settled into your new writing patterns, other hobbies can come back (although you may not spend so much time on them as you once did). You need to do a lot of reading and writing to be a writer, but other creative outlets can also be useful and can help as a stimulus when hitting writer's block. (OTOH, there are some who don't write if they let off their creativity through some other channel. I think that's the exception rather than the rule, though.)

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    sorry to see you go mate

    although i am still relativlly new to the guild it is easy to see the respected ones and you my friend are in that class , you will be missed

    i wish nothing but the very best mate

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    Man, Always late to the party it seems.

    Toff. Have fun, come visit once and awhile. There will always be a spot at the table for you, and mug of mulled wine at the ready!
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