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Thread: Barging in

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    Welcome aboard, if you love maps and stuff like that you will just love this place.
    “When it’s over and you look in the mirror, did you do the best that you were capable of? If so, the score does not matter. But if you find that you did your best you were capable of, you will find it to your liking.” -John Wooden

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    I know it's been one and a half year since I put this thread up.
    Um, it been one and a half year of being registered and hardly even lurking.

    But it has been one and a half year of a, still, steadily growing fascination of cartography!

    Since the early posts in this thread I have finished the WoT series, as is... Frankly it seems bland and unimaginative in hindsight. Still, I will be reading the future books.
    I've also read Glen Cook's Black Company books, which where very interesting. I like many of the concepts and the whole first-person deal is rather refreshing.
    Furthermore I have read way too many Discworld books. I think they fit my mentality worryingly well.

    Anyhow I have not been able to restrain myself from finding any kind of map I can involving whatever I'm doing or reading at the moment.
    There's a bit of a pet project spinning away in my mind as well.

    I hope to be checking in here a bit more often in the future!

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