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03-20-2013, 12:25 PM
Max's maps (personnal)
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  1. qwalker
    Beautiful Map
  2. - Max -
    Thanks you, glad you like it!
  3. RazielKilsenhoek
    I both love and hate looking at this map. I'm very much in the early stages of developing mapmaking skills, and maps like this one both inspire me and make me lose hope. Absolutely incredible work. One thing I would like to ask is how you do your drawing. Do you have a pad, or do you draw on paper and then scan it in?
  4. - Max -
    I use to draw with a tablet in Photoshop. Actually on this map, I haven't got a tablet yet and I hand-drawn mountains, hills forests, scanned them, imported them in PS and turned them into brushes. the other stuff (coastline, rivers, roads etc.) was drawn with mouse.
  5. Exadore
    This is absolutely fantastic!
  6. - Max -
    Thanks, glad you like it.
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