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  1. My pleasure Bogie!
  2. Thanks for the Vote Max, I appreciate all the support.
  3. Thanks for the Rep and the Vote.
  4. That's what I liked, you were going for something a bit different than usual!
  5. Thanks for the vote Max. I was trying a different way of making caves than I usually use. It has potential, but i have to work on the technique.
  6. My pleasure, that was well deserved, with indeed a nice improvment form the first map!
  7. Thanks for the vote and the rep, I had a lot of fun redoing this map ( with a lot of helpful suggestions from friends )
  8. No problem Bogie, I always love the way you take care on details on your maps. I like doing it aswell, even on some different map style. Unfortunaltely can't rep you atm but this will be soon Keep the good job up!
  9. Thanks for the Vote, glad you like the map!
  10. Thanks for the Rep!
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