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  1. I'll looking forward to see how it goes. Good luck with it. Back to mapping now, I have some commission maps I need to work
  2. Pencil, draw out roughly the scale of what I want. then I use my Iphone, upload it to the computer and use Gimp, thats what I'm doing now.
  3. Hand-drawn map? cool. How do you work? With tablet or pen then scan?
  4. Hand-drawn, but it's a rough sketch for a computer-made one.
  5. Ok I'll take a look at it when you'll do it. It's going to be a hand-drawn map or a digital one?
  6. Hmmm, thats some good advice. The Mountains are called the Skyreach, tallest part of the mountains are to the north and south regions. So this is one of the taller regions. I'll make a post on Work in Progress with the hand-drawn map of the continent. If that'll be okay, i mean.
  7. Alright, so your main features on the map will be moutains in North and East and desert on south and west, ok. For the deserts, you may decide if there's some rocky sand desert (called regs) or sandy dunes desert (called ergs). You can have some dried salt lakes (called shotts), oasis. There's only a few vegetation but there's still some persitent one : palm groves of course, around oasis and rivers if you have some (you can also have some dry rivers) and a few small plants that survive in desert. Be sure that your color palette fit the ambience you are looking for : means probably warm and sunny. Some things that might be interesting in a desert map is showing water sources and desert tracks used by the inhabitants. I wanted to do that on Sharessan's map but that wasn't fit the sclae of the map. Also don't crowd the map with too much towns/cities if you don't have many rivers/oasis/water sources.
  8. The main thing I need help with is ideas. The Seneshaara is a vast expanse of desert and I have nothing about it. I don't have any real idea about it other than the shape and the name of the country. I am not good with desert atmosphere, so this is a bit challenging. So I guess Geography in general. All I have is that a mountain range seperates the Country Amesyus, Meloira, and New Folkand from Seneshaara so the North and Eastern Bodern is mountain. The west and south is Alkazirian Desert.
  9. What help do you need for Senesharaa's map? Toponomy, geography? What's your troubles with?
  10. Hey there,

    I'm going to take a look at your post first and I'll try to help. Btw thanks, also comments are always appreciated on finished maps
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