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  1. I'm going to be posting some maps in the coming weeks, so hopefully I can get some constructive advice and pick up some tips - this seems like a very nice community.

    The maps themselves take rather a lot of work, not least because of the sheer number of names and such. I'm still finding mistakes in maps I made two or three years ago that I would have sworn had no such problems.
  2. Yeah I've always known it as gazetteer or darkmoor, but then darkmoor was just the ancient elven empire before the meteor shower. well anyways, anyway I can help, I don't have much skill with the graphic design stuff (and I only can afford The GIMP) but I have a pretty good knowledge of the world (I've read most of the supplements as if they were books). so yeah...
  3. Hello! It's always nice to meet another Known World/Hollow World/Mystara/etc. fan. (The world has so many different names!) There's quite an active Mystara community on the Internet - I've been involved in it since 1997. The message board is currently located here if you want to check it out:

    I have recreated most of the old hex maps now. You can see a lot of my work at . Up until now I've mostly been creating maps for each country separately, but now I'm working towards making regular (rectangular) maps showing the neighbouring countries too.

    I'm also interested in upping the quality of my maps, and just generally making them look nicer, as well as (eventually) making non-hex versions. It really is a never-ending project!
  4. We Meet Thorf I hope we can collaborate on the Mystara work, I always knew it by the Campaign Name Gazetteer but I have just about every single one of the Country Supplements, The Hollow Earth Box Set and two supplements to that, and both half's of the Giant Hex Map. I've always wanted to convert Gazetteer to 3.5 new D&D (even though I like 2nd AD&D the best). Like I said I hope we can collaborate.
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